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I’m Jen. I love Jesus and watch reality tv. I don’t know what I did with my life before leggings or memes. If you don’t like washing your hair and carbs are your favorite food group-- we should probably be friends.
I’m obnoxiously in love with my husband of five years. Our love overcomes all things, like the fact that we both eat junk on the regular, but he has abs. (Eyeroll) We have two baby beauties together--14 months apart. .
I’m your basic toddler stay at home mom poster girl: forgotten cold coffee sippin’, same outfit for days wearin’, Target trip lovin’, Chipotle addicted, blessed mess (shameless shirt plug).
I impulsively started @theBBtee a few months ago while sitting on the couch recovering from brain surgery. I had a brain tumor the size of a ping pong ball that needed to go. Surgery ended up stealing my hearing in one ear and the symmetry of my face, but it gave me a lot of Jesus and enough restlessness to start a business of out thin air.
I’m an extravert who was struggling through recovery and ashamed of my face and my new single sided deafness. Starting theBBtee allowed me to engage with people and life from a safe space.
The funny thing is.. I had zero desire to be an entrepreneur. It's never been a goal, and it definitely wasn't a well thought out plan. It just happened. I turned a hobby of shopping into a way to make money. #notcomplaining
But my passion? Jesus and writing and writing about Jesus. Over at @theBBtee, I'll sell you cute things. But here--here I'll share life and love and struggles and me.


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