What's in a name?

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Naming my children was maybe my favorite thing about becoming a parent. I wanted unique and meaningful names---only the best. We took our time. We weighed every name under the sun. And I'm so glad we did because, 4 and 3 years in.. I'm still obsessed with their names. (Their middle names are Praise and Promise, if you were curious how off the grid we went.)
But naming @theBBtee went nothing like this. At all.
I saw where the trend was heading. Everywhere I turned there were words on shirts. And everything inside of me needed every single one I saw. I didn't even care what it said. Just needed all the tees. This was also around the time the term BASIC started trending up. It was supposed to be negative, but every time I saw a meme poking fun at the basic girl, I thought--"Oh I need those shoes/glasses/watch/etc". I decided I was basically basic and not at all bothered by it.
Sitting on the couch recovering from brain surgery, I came up with my first "launch line". Everything said basic on it. It was made in Microsoft Publisher and I'm so glad none of them ever went public. So. Bad. But in that moment is when I whipped up "TheBBtee". Zero meaning. Antithesis of unique. I ran with it and never looked back.
Thus was born... The Basically Basic Tee. And now, TheBBme.


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